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CMD Investigating Unsuitable Recommendations to Purchase The Morgan Stanley Cushing MLP High Income ETN

Carmel, Milazzo & DiChiara LLP (CMD) is investigating potential claims against Morgan Stanley and its brokers who may have recommended unsuitable investments in the Morgan Stanley Cushing MLP High Income Exchange Traded Note (ETN).

Before recommending an investment, a broker-dealer has a fiduciary duty to adequately disclose the risks involved in the investment and to perform the necessary due diligence to determine whether the investment is suitable for the investor in light of that investor’s age, investment experience, net worth, income, and investment objectives.

The Morgan Stanley Cushing MLP High Income Index ETN is an exchange-traded note issued by Morgan Stanley.  The Notes aim to provide investors with a cash payment at the scheduled maturity or early repurchase and variable coupon payments each quarter, in each case based on the performance of the underlying index, the Cushing MLP High Income Index.

If you or someone you know lost money after a stock broker recommended an unsuitable investment in the Morgan Stanley Cushing MLP High Income Exchange Traded Note (ETN), CMD wants to hear from you. CMD accepts cases on a contingency fee basis, which means we only get paid if you get paid. Your time to file a claim may be limited, so contact us today at (212) 658-0458 for a free and confidential case evaluation.

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